Automotive integrated cockpit control is a challenging space due to the integration of multiple and diverse cockpit functions. The R-Car M3-based electronic control unit (ECU) reference system is targeted for integrated cockpit applications. This system is pre-configured to showcase multiple complex integrated cockpit features as an out of the box development experience. It can then be reconfigured, upgraded or expanded to create a solution that will match a customer’s unique needs.

System Benefits

  • Complete white box hardware design, including PCB schematics, layout files, parts library, ECU housing models, and high-speed simulation results
  • Complete reference software applications, including instrument cluster, AGL-based IVI screen, multimedia playback, radio playback, Bluetooth® connectivity, navigation, and system settings
  • Cockpit-focused hardware UC integration, including LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, BT, A2B, GMSL, USB, CAN, and automotive Ethernet
  • Compelling software architecture, including Green Hills Software's (GHS) Integrity for safety content, and automotive-grade Linux for infotainment and other content
  • Pre-production hardware quality, including automotive-qualified parts and pre-production aluminum housing, suitable for vehicle integration
  • Scalable multi-channel power supply designed to facilitate maximum design reuse and minimum BOM cost

System Block Diagram


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