The ISL6753 is a high-performance, low-pin-count alternative, zero-voltage switching (ZVS) full-bridge PWM controller. Like the ISL6551, it achieves ZVS operation by driving the upper bridge FETs at a fixed 50% duty cycle while the lower bridge FETS are trailing-edge modulated with adjustable resonant switching delays. Compared to the more familiar phase-shifted control method, this algorithm offers equivalent efficiency and improved overcurrent and lightload performance with less complexity in a lower pin count package. This advanced BiCMOS design features low operating current, adjustable oscillator frequency up to 2MHz, adjustable soft-start, internal over temperature protection, precision deadtime and resonant delay control, and short propagation delays. Additionally, Multi-Pulse Suppression ensures alternating output pulses at low duty cycles where pulse skipping may occur.


  • Adjustable Resonant Delay for ZVS Operation
  • Voltage- or Current-Mode Operation
  • 3% Current Limit Threshold
  • 175µA Startup Current
  • Supply UVLO
  • Adjustable Deadtime Control
  • Adjustable Soft-Start
  • Adjustable Oscillator Frequency Up to 2MHz
  • Tight Tolerance Error Amplifier Reference Over Line, Load, and Temperature
  • 5MHz GBWP Error Amplifier
  • Adjustable Cycle-by-Cycle Peak Current Limit
  • Fast Current Sense to Output Delay
  • 70ns Leading Edge Blanking
  • Multi-Pulse Suppression
  • Buffered Oscillator Sawtooth Output
  • Internal Over Temperature Protection
  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available and ELV, WEEE, RoHS Compliant


  • ZVS Full-Bridge Converters
  • Telecom and Datacom Power
  • Wireless Base Station Power
  • File Server Power
  • Industrial Power Systems

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Active QSOP Tube 980
Active QSOP Reel 2500

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Datasheets & Errata
ISL6753 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 748 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN1262: Designing with the ISL6752, ISL6753 ZVS Full-Bridge Controllers Application Note PDF 581 KB
AN1246: Techniques To Improve ZVS Full-bridge Performance Application Note PDF 725 KB
AN1684: Nonideality of Ground Application Note PDF 397 KB
AN1681: Grounding Techniques Application Note PDF 509 KB
PCN15046 - Wafer Fabrication Site Change for Listed Intersil Products - Global Foundry P6 Process transfer to Palm Bay - Phase II Product Change Notice PDF 398 KB
ISL6753 iSim:PE Model Schematic SXSCH 478 KB

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iSim:PE Offline Simulation Tool Simulator iSim Personal Edition (iSim:PE) speeds the design cycle and reduces risk early in any project, identifying parts that can be used in current as well as next-generation designs. Renesas