Brushless DC (BLDC) motor control is a key technology for electrification of vehicle. This Renesas solution features the RH850/F1KM-S1 microcontroller (MCU), along with an inductive position sensor IC and power MOSFETs in an automotive 12V motor control system solution. The high-speed inductive position sensor IC provides position information in the form of demodulated sine/cosine raw data via differential or single-ended analog or digital interfaces, and an I2C interface for diagnostic/programming purposes. This solution is available in the form of a starter kit for evaluation purposes (Y-BLDC-SK-RH850F1KM-S1).

System Benefits

  • Complete solution for high-speed motor control based on inductive position sensing technology
  • Superior performance: Higher torque control under all load conditions (even at start-up), high motor efficiency and accuracy, low noise and vibration, high precision in brake and hold
  • Cost effective: Magnet-free inductive position sensing, no shielding required, immune to magnetic stray fields
  • MCU line-up supporting functional safety features, as well as required security requirements and software ecosystem (MCAL)
  • Power MOSFET for inverter application

System Block Diagram

High Precision Motor Control with Inductive Position Sensing