Customers in the industrial arena often require real-time Ethernet solutions, also called industrial Ethernet. Common standards are EtherCat, Powerlink, Sercos III, ProfiNet, Modbus TCP and others.

For an industrial Ethernet switch or similar setup, the RZ/N1D MPU is a perfect fit because of its high integration, calculation power and rich interfaces. The RZ/N1D features an integrated Arm® Cortex®-M3 based R-In engine that offloads the main cores by working as a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet hardware RTOS/accelerator. 

A typical setup for an industrial Ethernet switch requires external storage (eMMCs or QSPI), external RAM (DDR3 or DDR3L) and up to five Ethernet PHYs. Powering this setup requires up to four precise power rails. This can easily be achieved by using the Renesas ISL91212B PMIC, which provides up to four power levels in one chip and includes flexible voltage selections for DDR3 / DDR3L. The ISL91212B includes power-up sequencing and the complete solution has a small PCB footprint because it only uses one additional DC/DC (ISL85005).

System Benefits:

  • Highly integrated industrial Ethernet (switch) solution with R-In offload engine/HW accelerator
  • Easy to use, preconfigured PMIC setup, providing all required voltages and sequencing, alternatively using either DDD3 or DDR3L memory
  • Low BOM count and small PCB space


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