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As the first 32-bit RX MCU product that integrates a high-precision 24-bit ΔΣ ADC and an analog front-end circuit, the RX23E-A realizes signal measurement and data processing on a single chip.

By Keisuke Matsumoto, Application Engineer - Apr 7, 2021

Miguel examines the growing trend to move from brush to brushless motors for more energy-efficient battery-powered systems and highlights an integrated, analog solution that simplifies designing with these complex motors.

By Miguel Mendoza, Technical Marketing Manager - Mar 30, 2021
Behind-the-Scenes on the Birth of the Newly Launched RX23W Bluetooth Module from a Developer

Kazuhisa, RX23W module developer, shares the triggers behind the development of the new RX23W Module and the field test conducted to verify antenna characteristics. 

By Kazuhisa Okada, Principal Engineer - Mar 30, 2021

Introducing the AWS device certified OTA firmware update program, which is ideal for those who are just starting to develop IoT devices.

By Yoshitaro Kondo, IoT Product Marketing - Mar 30, 2021

Learn more about CNN hardware accelerators with enhanced functional safety mechanisms and performance for next-generation ADAS and autonomous driving systems.

By Katsushige Matsubara, Senior Manager - Mar 29, 2021