Renesas' bipolar transistors are suitable for a variety of applications such as large current applications and amplifiers, and for support in customers' systems. A comprehensive lineup of small and ultra-small packages is available, as well as dual products that take up little space and other composite products. Renesas' transistors have a built-in resistor in the base or between the base and the emitter, enabling the reduction in mounting area and the number of parts used. Additionally, these devices can be used at high temperatures (up to 175 °C) and offer high power and low Vce (sat).


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Technical Updates
Added the packing specification of non-reel for RF & Microwave transistor 日本語 Technical Update PDF 131 KB
Changes of the shipping forms and materials by applying the unified packing specification 日本語 Technical Update PDF 695 KB
Change of the die bonding material 日本語 Technical Update PDF 119 KB
Inner box change according to dampproof bag change and dampproof bag change 日本語 Technical Update PDF 3.10 MB
Standardization of moisture-proof aluminum bags and addition of drying agent specifications (expansion of target products) 日本語 Technical Update PDF 324 KB
Change of inner packing label 日本語 Technical Update PDF 343 KB
Addition of Production Line for MPAK 日本語 Technical Update PDF 214 KB
PCN of Marking for Power Transistors 日本語 Technical Update PDF 92 KB
Change of content printed on the side of inner box 日本語 Technical Update PDF 31 KB
Addition of Shipping Tray Type for LQFP2020 Packages 日本語 Technical Update PDF 126 KB
Change of Carrier Tape Material *Change from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to polystyrene (PS). 日本語 Technical Update PDF 41 KB
Change of the marking on UPAK transistors and FETs 日本語 Technical Update PDF 88 KB
Changing the plating composition on the lead terminals (Lead-free) 日本語 Technical Update PDF 28 KB
Unification of a JEDEC tray and a embossed carrier tape for LQFP package (Additional Information & Correction) 日本語 产品变更通告 PDF 4.86 MB
Addition of another type of the Reel (12mm width) with High Frequency Transistors 日本語 产品变更通告 PDF 143 KB
半导体封装安装手册 English, 日本語 其他 PDF 15.77 MB
Semiconductor Reliability Handbook 日本語 其他 PDF 14.70 MB
Renesas Semiconductor Lead-Free Packages 手册 PDF 1.32 MB
Small Signal Transistor Precautions and Disclaimers 其他 PDF 135 KB
Small Sugnal Transistor Technical Symbols and Its Definitions 其他 PDF 96 KB
Small Signal Transistor Type Designation 其他 PDF 52 KB