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Renesas Products Help Make the World More Energy Efficient

At Renesas, we aspire to be the world’s leading semiconductor company, which also means developing sustainable products and solutions that benefits all humankind. We want to build a future where our products and solutions help make lives easier and creates a better world for all of us. To make everything intelligent and connected, high computing performance plays a key role. We believe that energy efficiency and robust safety and security goes even further to make our products and our customers’ systems sustainable, which ultimately contributes to realizing a greener society.

Energy-Efficient Products and Solutions

As the industries addressing CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric) and DX (digital transformation) continue to develop vigorously, energy-efficient embedded processors play a key role in achieving power efficiency for a vast range of verticals, including automotive, industrial, infrastructure and IoT. We recognize that the energy demand of our products contributes to the global environmental impact of technology. Renesas’ embedded processors and analog and power products portfolio can be effectively combined to provide our customers with integrated solutions that help their systems achieve the goals of energy efficiency, reliability and reduced bill of materials (BOM) cost.

See how Renesas is contributing to make the society greener by designing energy efficiency in its embedded products and also by helping our customers build energy-efficient systems.


Renesas Products Help Make the World More Energy Efficient

Renesas has long been a world-leading supplier of low-power microprocessors (MPUs) and microcontrollers (MCUs), and more recently has expanded its power-efficient analog and power portfolio through the acquisitions of Intersil and IDT. Achieving energy efficiency in our products is a principal goal in each step of our research and development, and design processes

Renesas Super Green Devices

At Renesas, we promote Eco-Product Initiatives as one pillar of our environmental activities. Through this initiative we provide environmentally-conscious semiconductors throughout the product lifecycle, including procurement, use and disposal.

To create such eco-products, we evaluate our products in eight categories such as safety and power conservation, indexing the results to compare to previous generations of products. Products that have been evaluated to exceed a certain level of environmental performance as a result of these assessments are certified as “Renesas Super Green Device” and are disclosed both internally and externally. In 2019, the below products were certified as Renesas Super Green Devices.

  • Incorporating Renesas’ exclusive Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP), our RZ/A2M MPU (R7S921040VCBG, R7S921045VCBG, R7S921041VCBG, R7S921051VCBG, R7S921046VCBG and R7S921056VCBG) delivers real-time image processing at 10x the performance and 10% reduced power consumption of its predecessor. The RZ/A2M innovation also includes 4 MB of on-chip SRAM, MIPI camera interface, a two-channel Ethernet interface, and hardware security features for crypto acceleration, establishing a Root of Trust. The RZ/A2M is ideal for embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI)-based imaging in smart appliances, networked cameras, service robots, scanner products, and industrial machinery that require high-speed image processing.

  • Renesas' low-power SRAM has a proven track record in small- to mid-scale memory systems for many industrial fields. With its exclusive low-power static RAM (LPSRAM) technology, the RMWV6416A Series of 64-Mbit LPSRAM (RMWV6416AGBG-5S2, RMWV6416AGSA-5S2, and RMWV6416AGSD-5S2) delivers 30% reduced power consumption while achieving higher performance and density with 50% reduced weight from its predecessor, making it suitable for battery backup systems for a wide range of applications including automotive, factory/office automation to consumer electronics.

  • The R-IN32M4-CL3 ICs (R9A06G064MGBG and R9A06G064SGBG) for industrial Ethernet (IE) communication supporting CC-Link IE Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) deliver reduced power consumption by 25% or more while achieving 20% reduced weight from the previous generation processor. They satisfy the strict specifications of less than one-millionth of a second time synchronization accuracy between applications, accelerating TSN support for applications such as AC servos, actuators, and vision sensors, which demands high-speed responsive control, as well as remote I/O widely used in network communication.

  • The RH850/F1KH-D8 automotive 32-bit MCU for electrical body applications is provides internal flash memory ranges from 6MB to 8MB and the package covers a wide range from 176 to 324 pins. CAN FD and Ethernet interfaces, along with a hardware security module have been added, and the CPU operating frequency has been improved to 240MHz and is equipped with a dual CPU. While providing higher functionality from the predecessor product, RH850/F1KH-D8 MCU achieves the same level of low power consumption and approximately 50% reduced weight.

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The world’s most energy-efficient RE MCU family

Incorporating Arm® Cortex® M Core, the RE Family is developed with Renesas’ exclusive Silicon-On-Thin-Buried-Oxide (SOTB™) process technology, realizing ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby modes and enabling high-speed operation (64MHz) at low voltage (1.62V), which is extremely difficult to achieve with a conventional bulk silicon process. The RE Family of MCUs can significantly extend battery life and deliver higher performance with a smaller battery size. Its on-chip energy harvesting controller can bring development to a new chapter by eliminating the battery completely to achieve a maintenance-free system.

Renesas Products Enable Customers to Build More Energy-Efficient Systems

At Renesas, we provide devices that contribute to making our customers’ electronic equipment and systems energy efficient. Our products includes devices that offer extreme low power consumption themselves (example: Renesas Super Green Devices) and devices that contribute to making the customers’ systems energy efficient when they adopt of the devices. By actively developing these devices, our products contribute to a more sustainable society.

How we help address the advancement of xEV with better power efficiency

It is predicted that by 2050, 21% of the number of vehicles sold (0.13 billion cars) and 16% of vehicles owned around the world (2.1 billion vehicles) will be battery electric vehicles (BEVs)/fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs). This is forecasted to result in reducing CO2 emission by 1.4 billion tons. Through the wide adoption of electrified vehicles (xEVs), Renesas’ products contribute to the overall reduction of CO2 emissions.

xEVs are becoming more popular with the introduction of stricter limits on vehicle CO2 emissions as a measure to deal with global warming and help achieve a “sustainable society” that is environmentally friendly, safe and livable. Renesas offers a wide range of solutions and evaluation kits to help accelerate xEV advancements with better power efficiency.

  • Renesas’ Automotive Battery Management System (BMS) is designed to meet the stringent safety, reliability and performance requirements of next-generation EV applications. It features the RH850/P1M MCU and ISL78714 automotive-grade multi-cell Li-ion battery manager and RAA270005 power management IC (PMIC) that maximize driving range and battery life for hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/MHEV/PHEV/BEV).

  • The 48V Mobility Solution helps customers jump start the development of e-scooters and e-bikes. It combines Renesas’ advanced battery front end (BFE), industry-leading MCUs, analog and power devices, and innovative motor control technology. Together, the solution provides a complete reference design that focuses on three types of solutions: Low voltage and cost, functionality and efficiency, and high power and torque.

  • In an electrically powered system, the inverter plays a key role converting direct current (DC) power to alternating current and sends out optimum current to the motor whose rotation speed varies according to the driving conditions. Using a combination of RH850/C1M MCUs, RAA270000 power management ICs, gate driver ICs, IGBTs, and FRDs, the xEV Inverter Reference Solution converts DC power to AC power and maximizes HEV/EV motor performance. Customers can use the reference solution kit’s motor parameter calibration tool and practical inverter hardware designs to build an xEV inverter solution that offers superior power efficiency and 99% maximum inverter efficiency.

How we help realize energy-efficient home appliances

Energy consumption in the home makes up 14% of the overall energy consumption in Japan, and 70% of that 14% is attributable to air cooling and heating, kitchen, motive power and lighting. 5% of the energy source of energy consumption in the home is electricity, and appliances that use the most electricity includes air conditioning equipment such as ACs, motive power to operate refrigerators and washing machines, lighting equipment and TVs.

Renesas’ products contribute to the reduction of this energy consumption as a result of the wider use of smart home appliances.

Thanks to the IoT, home appliances and industrial machinery are attaining greater functionality based on network connectivity and human machine interface (HMI) enhancements. Creating products that are more power efficient helps us use limited interior space and address higher temperature environments effectively. In the case of home appliances, not only is HMI becoming increasingly advanced, but designs using capacitive touch are also becoming more sophisticated.

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  • Dishwashers need to clean dishes more effectively while consuming ever lower levels of energy, water and detergent. Complex features such as connectivity are increasingly required in these appliances, along with interfaces are needed to make them easier to use. To help build energy-efficient yet high-performance dishwashers, Renesas offers a set of components, including a wide range of MCUs such as the RX24T Group, RX66T Group, RL78/G14 Group and RL78/G1F Group for system control and the RX230 Group, RX651 Group, RL78/G1N Group and the RA4M1 Group for system operation. In addition to these MCUs, Renesas offers sensors, power MOSFETs, IGBTs and op amps, a complete set of hardware/software evaluation and development tools, and application notes and sample code to make designing these appliances easy.

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  • Highly efficient motor control is also required to meet worldwide energy-saving trends. Renesas offers optimized products and solutions for wide range of consumer and industrial fields, including air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and service robots to meet today’s demands.

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How we help realize energy-efficient building automation

According to the IEA, building and construction are responsible for approximately 28% of all carbon emissions in the world, when including indirect emissions from electricity consumption. CO2 emissions in 2019 were 10 gigatons, reaching a historical all-time high. 2019 saw 29 countries in the northern hemisphere reach new records of high temperatures in the summer, and such abnormally high temperatures drive demand for electricity. Investments made in relation to energy efficiency in buildings and constructions in 2019 totaled over $150 billion USD.

Renesas offers an indoor air quality control solution for IoT smart homes, office buildings and factory automation sites. Featuring a ZMOD4410 gas sensor and HS300x humidity sensor family, along with an RL78/G14 microcontroller, this Renesas solution senses the environment for gases to measure and improve air quality. It meets strict air quality regulations, saves energy, and helps users maintain their health and wellness.

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  • Environmental Sensor Solutions

    The sensor application is an essential technology for product performance and intelligence. Developers apply them to a variety of products including a range of electric appliances. Recently, it has received a lot of attention from an ecology point of view. Environmental sensors have become an indispensable low-power technology that precisely controls the behavior of products by sensing and reporting on the surrounding environment. For example, Renesas’ HVAC humidity sensor solution features the industry's lowest power RL78/G14 MCU and HS300x sensor, providing a motor control system solution with relative humidity/temperature measurement for predictive failure diagnostics. The solution also meets the IEC/UL 60730 appliance safety standard, and supports closed-loop feedback with relative/humidity temperature for recirculation of outdoor to indoor air.

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Safe & Secure Products and Solutions

Making our future society safe and secure through sustainable products and solutions is at the heart of innovation. Renesas provides a wealth of solutions to directly address the system-level safety and security concerns of our customers. With our safe and secure products and solutions, we want to build a future where our products and solutions help make lives easier and creates a better world for all of us.

Renesas’ functional safety and security technologies are designed to meet the industry’s highest ISO/IEC standards for reliability and performance to help our customers achieve system-level functional safety and secure designs. To meet the industry’s stringent industrial standards compliance, Renesas offers dedicated functional safety and security product portfolios.


Renesas Products Increase Safety on the Roads, in the Workplace, and at Home

1.35 million deaths are caused annually by road traffic accidents around the world – one of the top 10 causes of death according to the WHO. Over half of road traffic accidents victims are vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and passengers), and there are expectations for the development of safe vehicles. In addition, the reduction of road traffic accidents is included as one of the SDGs targets. Japan targets beyond November 2021, while Europe targets 2020 to make Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) mandatory.

Renesas’ products contribute to the advancement of ADAS through smart cameras, surround view, and quick start software for cognitive and recognition.

To help our customers achieve system-level functional safety and secure designs and to meet the industry’s stringent industrial standards compliance, Renesas offers dedicated functional safety and security product portfolios.

Renesas functional safety & security solutions are designed to achieve zero accidents on the road

See our ADAS solutions designed to comply with critical automotive standards, such as the ISO 26262 functional safety specification.

Renesas’ products for connected cars help build Root-of-Trust systems

As connected cars becomes ubiquitous, driven by megatrends such as automated driving and connectivity, the demand for safe and secure electronic systems is increasing. As the world’s leading automotive semiconductor supplier, Renesas’ functional safety and security solutions are critical components for existing and future connected cars.

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FOCUS (Renesas Products and Solutions Addressing COVID-19 and the New Normal)

Technology plays a key role in addressing the challenges of COVID-19, and Renesas is committed to developing the solutions our customers can use to make a sustainable, new normal possible. COVID-19 has increased our sensitivity to the cleanliness of public touchpoints, which has changed the way we engage with publicly available touchscreens. This is paving the way for fully touchless experiences.

Renesas’ touch-free user interface solutions represent another step in the evolution of capacitive touch sensor systems with high sensitivity and strong noise resistance allowing operation under multiple conditions. Our solutions enable new UIs that can be used for a wide range of touchless devices at home and in the workplace.

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FOCUS (Renesas Automotive One-Stop Solutions)

Renesas offers various optimized solutions serving a vast array of verticals, including Winning Combinations for automotive.

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Another One-Stop Solution includes the Renesas and CETITEC comprehensive vehicle server offering connectivity to all automotive field bus and networking systems in one device (LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay™, MOST, Ethernet AVB/TSN), plus sufficient computing power. This turnkey solution saves development time and money for all automotive connectivity customers.

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