Wide bandgap semiconductor technologies such as Gallium Nitride Field Effect Transistors (GaN FETs) have been gaining interest for power management and conversion in different applications, from high power motor drives, fast charging adaptors, telecom, computing, to space applications. These devices feature lower Rds(on) and very low gate charge enabling power management systems to operate at higher switching frequencies while still achieving higher efficiency and a smaller solution footprint.

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Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a highly efficient, high-performance wide bandgap semiconductor and is among the most promising emerging power technologies. GaN-based power devices significantly outperform traditional silicon devices with faster switching speeds, higher thermal conductivity and lower Rds(on).


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RTKA226110DE0010BU GaN E-HEMT 650V/30A, 50mΩ with RAA226110 Gate Driver, 0V Turn-off Voltage Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
RTKA226110DE0040BU GaN E-HEMT 650V/60A, 25mΩ with RAA226110 Gate Driver, -3V Turn-off Voltage Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas