The ISL6744 is a low cost, primary side, double-ended controller intended for applications using full and half-bridge topologies for unregulated DC/DC converters. It is a voltage mode PWM controller designed for half-bridge and fullbridge power supplies. It provides precise control of switching frequency, adjustable soft-start, precise deadtime control with deadtimes as low as 35ns, and overcurrent shutdown. Low start-up and operating currents allow for easy biasing in both AC/DC and DC/DC applications. This advanced BiCMOS design features low start-up and operating currents, adjustable switching frequency up to 1MHz, 1A FET drivers, and very low propagation delays for a fast response to overcurrent faults.


  • Precision Duty Cycle and Deadtime Control
  • 100µA Start-up Current
  • Adjustable Delayed Overcurrent Shutdown and Re-Start
  • Adjustable Oscillator Frequency Up to 2MHz
  • 1A MOSFET Gate Drivers
  • Adjustable Soft-Start
  • Internal Over Temperature Protection
  • 35ns Control to Output Propagation Delay
  • Small Size and Minimal External Component Count
  • Input Undervoltage Protection
  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)


  • Telecom and Datacom Isolated Power
  • DC Transformers
  • Bus Converters

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Active SOICN Tube 980
Active SOICN Reel 2500

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Datasheets & Errata
ISL6744 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 857 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN1681: Grounding Techniques Application Note PDF 509 KB
AN1684: Nonideality of Ground Application Note PDF 397 KB
PCN15046 - Wafer Fabrication Site Change for Listed Intersil Products - Global Foundry P6 Process transfer to Palm Bay - Phase II Product Change Notice PDF 398 KB
PCN13026 - Alternate Manufacturing Site for Assembly of the Listed Intersil SOIC Packaged Products - Amkor Technology, Philippines (ATP) Product Change Notice PDF 77 KB
PCN12068 - SOIC w/ Copper Bond Wire @ ASECL as Alternate Assembly Site Product Change Notice PDF 108 KB
iSimPE_ISL6744 Schematic SXSCH 366 KB