The EL7531 is a synchronous, integrated FET 1A step-down regulator with internal compensation. It operates with an input voltage range from 2. 5V to 5. 5V, which accommodates supplies of 3. 3V, 5V, or a Li-Ion battery source. The output can be externally set from 0. 8V to VIN with a resistive divider. The EL7531 features automatic PFM/PWM mode control, or PWM mode only. The PWM frequency is typically 1. 4MHz and can be synchronized up to 12MHz. The typical no load quiescent current is only 120µA. Additional features include a Power-Good output, 2 of PCB area with components on one side only. The 10-pin MSOP package is specified for operation over the full -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


  • Less than 0.15 in2 (0.97 cm2) footprint for the complete 1A converter
  • Components on one side of PCB
  • Max height 1.1mm MSOP10
  • Power-Good (PG) output
  • Internally-compensated voltage mode controller
  • Up to 94% efficiency
  • <1µA shut-down current
  • 120µA quiescent current
  • Overcurrent and over-temperature protection
  • External synchronizable up to 12MHz
  • Pb-Free plus anneal available (RoHS compliant)


  • PDA and pocket PC computers Bar code readers Cellular phones Portable test equipment Li-Ion battery powered devices Small form factor (SFP) modules

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Active MSOP Tube 50
Active MSOP Reel 2500
Active MSOP Reel 1500

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Datasheets & Errata
EL7531 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 739 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
Five Easy Steps to Create a Multi-Load Power Solution White Paper PDF 846 KB
AN9208: High Frequency Power Converters Application Note PDF 592 KB
AN1681: Grounding Techniques Application Note PDF 509 KB
AN1684: Nonideality of Ground Application Note PDF 397 KB
AN9210: A New Pspice Subcircuit For The Power MOSFET Featuring Global Temperature Options Application Note PDF 650 KB
AN9209: A Spice-2 Subcircuit Representation For Power MOSFETs Using Empirical Methods Application Note PDF 387 KB
AN7244: Understanding Power MOSFETs Application Note PDF 349 KB
PCN11059 - Shipping Tube Change for Intersil MSOP Packaged Products Product Change Notice PDF 117 KB
PLC15033A - Notification of products rescinded from PLC15033 and are now in a Product Life Cycle Notice PDF 203 KB
PLC15033 - Product Discontinuance / Obsolescence NotificationProducts Product Life Cycle Notice PDF 200 KB
PA14042 - Minimum Line Quantity Change Product Advisory PDF 363 KB
TB424: Using the Evaluation Board Other PDF 195 KB