The R2A20111 is a power-factor correction (PFC) controller IC. This IC adopts continuous conduction mode as PFC operation. Various functions such as constant power limit, overvoltage detection, overcurrent detection, soft start, feedback-loop disconnection detection, and holding function of PFC operation through momentary outage (PFC hold function) are incorporated in a single chip. These functions reduce external circuitry. The constant power limit function allows to eliminate a significant amount of coil noise which is generated due to overcurrent detection operation in case of conventional overload. The PFC hold function enables quick recovery by continuing PFC operation after momentary outage. The hold time can be adjusted by an external capacitance. Overcurrent detection pin is separately provided. Latch mode shutdown function is incorporated. A soft-start control pin provides for the easy adjustment of soft-start operation, and can be used to prevent overshooting of the output voltage.


  • Maximum ratings Power-supply voltage Vcc: 24 V Junction temperature Tj: – 40 to 125°C
  • Electrical characteristics VREF output voltage VREF: 5.0 V ± 3% UVLO operation start voltage VH: 10.5 ± 0.9 V UVLO operation stop voltage VL: 9.0 ± 0.7 V PFC output maximum ON duty Dmax-out: 95% (typ.)
  • Functions Constant power limit function Continuous conduction mode Hold function of PFC operation on momentary outage (PFC hold function) Overvoltage detection Overcurrent detection Soft start Feedback loop disconnection detection IC shutdown function Package lineup: SOP-16

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Datasheets & Errata
R2A20111SP Data Sheet 日本語 Datasheet PDF 260 KB
Technical Updates
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